Family Advocate Position (PT) - Family Service League

This is a part-time Family Advocate position located in Coram. All applicants MUST BE the parent of a child with emotional, behavioral or mental health challenges.

Family Advocate - Family Service League
Family Service League's Parent to Parent Program is seeking 2 (two) Family Advocates for the Family Bonds Collaborative Family Support Program. The Program's goal is assist families raising children with mental health needs who are currently is a residential treatment program. They will be part of team meetings, service planning meetings; basically, they walk the family through the entire process from pre-admission through discharge. This is an exciting opportunity for a dynamic self-starter who enjoys working as part of a team.

1. MUST be the parent of a child with emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges
2. Good computer skills
3. Excellent oral and written communication
4. Strong Interpersonal skills-good listener, supportive, understanding, encouraging
5. Experience running or attending support group
6. Have a valid driver's license

Responsibilities include:
1. Conduct required program evaluations at family service plan development and every 3 months thereafter
2. Engage and assist families through the pre-admission and admission process to ensure a smooth entrance into the community residence program
3. RFPSP will be a part of each family’s team from pre-admission to post-discharge.
4. Work as a liaison to forge a strong partnership between families and staff.
5. In coordination with LIFT advocate, run monthly support group and Quarterly Family Advisory Board.
6. Assist families in connecting to activities and family support in their community
7. Encourage families, youth and staff to participate in Family Bonds Sponsored events
8. Along with the LIFT advocate, work with families to encourage participation in LIFT empowerment and advocacy activities
9. Encourage free LIFT membership for families
10. Attend family bonds planning meetings

28 hrs per wk / $17 per hour.
Send resume and cover letter to